T.E.C. Protests against Trump’s Border Policy

Supporting immigrants: A video from The Episcopal ChurchEpiscopal Church Office of Public AffairsPosted Aug 17, 2019Back to Press Releases 

The Episcopal Church continues to respond to the complex array of challenges facing immigrants across the United States, including support for children and other people seeking asylum at the U.S. southern border, assisting immigrants who are undocumented, advocating for comprehensive immigration reform, and resettling refugees through Episcopal Migration Ministries.

In a new video, The Episcopal Church: Walking with Immigrants, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry introduces five bishops whose dioceses are actively engaged in immigrant welcome. Each bishop shares ways individuals or groups can support this work. Their intent is to inspire action and to highlight the many ways people can engage with and deepen their understanding of immigration issues.

Supporting immigrants: A video from The Episcopal Church – Episcopal News Service

The video ends with an overview of the advocacy and refugee resettlement work done at the national level. The Rev. Canon Charles K. Robertson, Canon to the Presiding Bishop for Ministry Beyond the Episcopal Church, speaks to the Church’s 80-year commitment to immigrants and displaced persons; support which continues today through Episcopal Migration Ministries and the Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations.

“Many Episcopalians have asked, ‘what is The Episcopal Church doing?’ And maybe the deeper question behind that has been the question, ‘what can I do?’” said Curry. “This video is intended to address those questions and to provide some ways that we, as followers of Jesus of Nazareth, can respond to this humanitarian crisis.”

The featured bishops represent the four U.S. dioceses geographically located along the border with Mexico and the Episcopal Diocese of Maine, serving as one example of the many ways other Episcopal dioceses are engaged with people seeking asylum.

Bishops appearing in the video include Rt. Rev. Thomas J. Brown, Episcopal Diocese of Maine; Rt. Rev. Susan Brown Snook, Episcopal Diocese of San Diego; Rt. Rev. Jennifer A. Reddall, Episcopal Diocese of Arizona; Rt. Rev. Michael Buerkel Hunn, Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande; and Rt. Rev. David Reed, Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.

The Episcopal Church, through the Office of Government Relations (OGR) and Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM), has compiled a list of resources, bishop statements, and information in response to the ongoing humanitarian situation at the southern border.

For information mentioned in the video and more, visit the EMM website. For resources on advocacy and policy education, visit the OGR website.

Join Partners in Welcome, the online learning and networking community from Episcopal Migration Ministries, and engage with others across the Church who are committed to the work of supporting refugees and asylum-seekers.

To directly support EMM and its life-changing work, visit www.episcopalmigrationministries.org/give or text ‘EMM’ to 41444 (standard messaging and data may rates apply).

The Office of Government Relations represents the policy priorities of The Episcopal Church to the U.S. government in Washington, D.C. This office aims to shape and influence policy and legislation on critical issues, highlighting the voices and experiences of Episcopalians and Anglicans globally. All of its work is grounded in the resolutions of General Convention and Executive Council, the legislative and governing bodies of the church. Connecting Episcopalians to their faith by educating, equipping and engaging them to do the work of advocacy through the Episcopal Public Policy Network (EPPN) is a key aspect of this work.

Episcopal Migration Ministries is a ministry of The Episcopal Church and is one of nine national agencies responsible for resettling refugees in the United States in partnership with the government. Episcopal Migration Ministries currently has 13 affiliate offices in 12 states.


One cannot but admire the persistence with which the U.S. Episcopal Church – under the Leadership of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry – pursues its programme of protestation against US President Donald Trump’s treatment of would-be immigrants at the Mexican Border of the United States.

Trump is insisting on perpetuating a serious Human Rights violation under the political expediency of discouraging immigration into the USA from other countries – a policy which directly contradicts the welcoming of immigrants set in place as part of the basic formulation of early U.S. Federal polity by the Founding Fathers.

Bishop Michael and the Episcopal Church in the United States are to be heartily congratulated on their insistence on basic human rights for the detainees at the Mexican Border. In the video included in this press release, Bishop Michael explains what he sees as the only ethical response needed to counteract the US President’s offence against the international Charter of Human Rights.

Father Ron Smith, Christchurch, New Zealand

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