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St.Paul’s Cathedral – Dean Resigns

Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral resigns over Occupy London protest The Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Rt Rev Graeme Knowles, has resigned amid growing controversy over the decision to mount legal action against the anti-capitalist protesters on its doorstep. … Continue reading

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St.Paul’s – The Archbishops and the Protesters

Occupy London: silence of once-critical clerics is infuriating but understandable The St Paul’s situation puts Rowan Williams and other bishops who have decried banking practices in an impossible quandary. Riazat Butt, Sunday 30 October 2011 20.29 GMT The Archbishop … Continue reading

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Uganda’s Anti-Gay Legislation – Back on track

Anti-Homosexuality Bill moves forward in Uganda The parliament of Uganda has our attention again. Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported last week: Uganda’s parliament voted to reopen a debate on a bill that seeks to outlaw homosexuality that may be expanded to include the death … Continue reading

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Up-Date from Saint Paul’s Cathedral – Sunday 30 October

The struggle for St Paul’s The anti-capitalist protest outside the gates of St Paul’s has sparked a moral battle inside the cathedral. Protesters’ tents outside St Paul’s Cathedral Photo: REUTERS By Jonathan Wynne-Jones, Religious and Media Affairs Correspondent, Sunday Telegraph 7:00AM GMT 30 … Continue reading

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COMMENT on the St.Paul’s Closure

A.N. Wilson (not the Bishop) says that the Church of England has created a public relations disaster: The camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral has been a public relations disaster for the Church of England. When the tents were moved to the … Continue reading

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City of London Corporation to Sue Protesters

News release 28 October 2011 City of London Corporation approves court action to remove St Paul’s campsite Today the Planning and Transportation Committee of the City of London Corporation voted to go ahead with court action to clear 200 plus tents from … Continue reading

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Another Resignation from St.Paul’s Cathedral

FRIDAY, 28 OCTOBER 2011 On standing down from the Pastoral Team at St Paul’s Cathedral Since the summer I’ve been a chaplain at St Paul’s Cathedral, one of many London clergy who give half a day a month to being … Continue reading

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