Sydney’s ‘Anglican’ Secessionists are here!

At last, Mr David Ould, of Gafcon Australia, has been able to triumphantly announce the defection of his conservative evangelical friends from the Anglican Diocese of Sydney (Leader: Archbishop Raffael). Confusingly, however, it was not the actual Archbishop of Sydney who will be leading the breakaway ‘Anglican Diocese’ that is to be formed in Australia – beginning with a former Anglican parish in Brisbane – but the former archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies.

Recognising that it would hardly be convenient – at this moment – for the current Archbishop of Sydney, +Kanishka Raffel, to be named as leader of this schismatic group from the Anglican Church in Australia; there can be little doubt that he is not unaware of the implications it has for the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. It will be most interesting to see how this infant revolutionary movement – the formation of a Gafcon Diocese of the Southern Cross – will turn out. Here is a paragraph from the announcement

“In his opening keynote address on the first evening the chair of GAFCON Australia, Bishop Richard Condie, (Tasmania) announced the formation of a new Diocese of the Southern Cross. Speaking to a packed room, Condie reminded those present that GAFCON Australia had originally been set up as a “break glass in case of emergency” organisation. The emergency, he stressed, had now come:”

In a following paragraph we have news of who will actually lead the new Gafcon Diocese:

At our conference on Thursday we will commission [former Archbishop of Sydney] Bishop Glenn Davies as the initial bishop of the Diocese of the Southern Cross to provide episcopal oversight to its affiliated congregations.

As many Anglicans are aware, there is some confusion about the authenticity of the ‘Anglican provenance‘ of the Gafcon Movement. Although its Chairman, Archbp. Foley Beach of ACNA (a Gafcon offshoot in North America) is in schism from the Anglican Communion; he was elected to the Chairmanship by prelates of the Gafcon who are still (technically) in communion with the Archbp. of Canterbury and the Anglican Communion – even though they refused his invitation to the recently-concluded Lambeth Conference.

As an indication of GAFCON’s relationship with the A.C.C., it was noted that one of its primates from Nigeria was – during the Lambeth Conference – away in North America, instituting parishes of his own Nigerian Church in North America – which have no connection with the A.C.C.! (Oh! what a tangled web we weave, when..)

Below the line is the full account of the new GAFCON Church-to-be in Australia:

Father Ron Smith, Christchurch, New Zealand


GAFCON Australasia Conference Opens with Announcement of New Diocese
The GAFCON Australasia Conference has opened in Canberra with over 400 delegates gathering together from Australia, N…− David Ould –

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