Lambeth Bishops who affirm LGBTQI people

Below are listed the names of Archbishops and Bishops present at the Lambeth Conference who have jointly made a Statement to ‘Affirm and Celebrate LGBT+ people’. This may be understood in the light of the context of their various ecclesiastical jurisdictions, where national governments have, mostly, made provision for the legal celebration of Same-Sex Marriage, and no longer subject their LGBTQ+ citizens to criminal prosecution.

This statement was made at the conference after it was made clear that there could be no system of sanctions placed on any of the Communion Churches whose own contextual situation now differs from that of the earlier Lambeth ‘1:10 Resolution’; which cannot be considered as ‘binding’ on any province of the Communion where homosexuality is no longer considered to be a crime, and where pastoral provisions have been, or are being made for those whose gender/sexuality status is different from the binary ‘norm’.

Father Ron Smith, Christchurch, New Zealand



Embargoed till 1800 BST on August 2nd 2002

“So then, you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and
also members of the household of God.” – Ephesians 2:19 “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.” –

John 13:34
God is Love! This love revealed by Jesus, described in the Scriptures and proclaimed by the
Church, is Good News for all – without exception. That is why we believe that LGBT+ people are a
precious part of God’s creation – for each of us is ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ (Psalm 139:14),
and all are equally loved.

We recognise that many LGBT+ people have historically been wounded by the Church and
particularly hurt by the events of the last few weeks. We wish to affirm the holiness of their love
wherever it is found in committed relationships. We therefore commit to working with our siblings across the Communion to listen to their stories and understand their contexts, which vary greatly.

However, we will never shy away from tackling discrimination and prejudice against those of differing sexualities and gender identities. Together, we will speak healing and hope to our broken world and look forward to the day when all may feel truly welcomed, valued and affirmed.

Signed by bishops from across the Anglican Communion including:

Most Revd Mark Strange, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church
Most Revd Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States
Most Revd Naudal Alves Gomes, Archbishop of Brazil
Most Revd Linda Nicholls, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Canada
Most Revd Andy Johns, Archbishop of Wales
The Most Rev’d Don Tamihere Bishop of Tairawhiti / Bishop of Aotearoa /
Archbishop and Primate of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia

The Most Rev Philip Richardson Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki Aotearoa, New Zealand
and Polynesia
The Rt Rev’d Ross Bay Auckland Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

The Most Reverend Kay Goldsworthy AO, Archbishop of Perth Australia
The Rt Revd Dr Peter Stuart Newcastle (Australia) Australia
The Rt Revd Jeremy Greaves Bishop for the Northern Region, diocese of Brisbane AustraliaThe Rt Revd John Roundhill Southern region, diocese of Brisbane Australia
The Rt Revd Charlie Murry Newcastle — Coastal episcopate Australia
The Rt Revd Denise Ferguson Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Adelaide SA Australia
The Rt Revd Dr Murray Harvey Grafton Australia
The Rt Revd Sonia Roulston Asst Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, (Australia)

The Rt Revd Eduardo Coelho Grillo, Diocese of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Rt Revd Francisco Cézar Fernandes Alves Diocese Anglicana de São Paulo-IEAB Brazil
The Rt Revd Francisco Silva Southwest Diocese, Brazil
The Rt Revd João Cancio Peixoto Filho, Diocese Anglicana do Recife Brazil

The Rt Revd Magda Guedes Pereira Igreja, Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil- Diocese
Anglicana do Paraná, Brazil

The Rt Revd Marinez Rosa dos Santos Bassotto, Diocese Anglicana da Amazônia Brazil
The Rt Revd Maurício Andrade Diocese of Brasília, Brazil
The Rt Revd Meriglei Borges Silva Simim, Diocese Anglicana de Pelotas Brazil

The Most Rev. Anne Germond The Diocese of Algoma; The Diocese of Moosonee, Canada

The Most Rev. Dr. Lynne McNaughton, British Columbia Yukon Canada
The Rt Revd Andrew Asbil Anglican Diocese of Toronto Canada
The Rt Revd Bruce Myers Quebec Canada
The Rt Revd John Stephens New Westminster Canada
The Rt Revd John Watton, Diocese of Central Newfoundland Canada
The Rt Revd Kevin Robertson Suffragan Bishop, Diocese of Toronto Canada

The Rt Revd Lesley Wheeler-Dame, Diocese of Yukon Canada
The Rt Revd Mary Irwin-Gibson Montreal Canada
The Rt Revd Michael Douglas Oulton, Ontario Canada
The Rt Revd Nigel Shaw Anglican Military Ordinariate of Canada, Canada
The Rt Revd Riscylla Shaw Suffragan, Diocese of Toronto Canada
The Rt Revd Sam Rose Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
The Rt Revd Sandra Fyfe Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Canada
The Rt Revd Shane Parker Bishop of the Diocese of Ottawa Canada
The Rt Revd Stephen London Edmonton Canada
The Rt Revd Susan J.A. Bell Diocese of Niagara Canada
The Rt Revd Todd Townshend Huron Canada
The Rt Revd William G. Cliff Diocese of Brandon Canada
The Rt Revd David Hamid Diocese in Europe England
The Rt Revd Dr Alan Wilson Oxford (Buckingham) England
The Rt Revd Dr Paul Colton Cork, Cloyne and Rosd, Ireland
The Rt Revd Michael Burrows, Tuam, Limerick and Killaloe Ireland
The Rt Revd Julio Cesar Martin Southeast Mexico
The Rt Revd Ian Paton St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane Scotland

Bishop-Elect Jeffrey W. Mello Episcopal Church in Connecticut USA
The Rt Revd A. Robert Hirschfeld, New Hampshire USA
The Rt Revd Audrey C Scanlan Central Pennsylvania USA
The Rt Revd Betsey Monnot Iowa USA
The Rt Revd Brian L. Cole East Tennessee USA
The Rt Revd Craig Loya Minnesota USA
The Rt Revd Daniel G. P. Gutiérrez, Pennsylvania USA
The Rt Revd Deon K. Johnson Missouri, USA
The Rt Revd Diana Akiyama, Bishop of Oregon, Oregon, USA

The Rt Revd Dr Shannon MacVean-Brown, Diocese of Vermont USA

The Rt Revd Dr. Bonnie A. Perry, Diocese of Michigan, The Episcopal Church USA

The Rt Revd Dr. DeDe Duncan-Probe, Central New York USA

The Rt Revd Dr. Jonathan H. Folts, South Dakota USA

The Rt Revd Dr. Marc Handley Andrus, Diocese of California USA

The Rt Revd Eugene Taylor Sutton, Maryland USA
The Rt Revd Frank Logue Diocese of Georgia USA
The Rt Revd Gayle Elizabeth Harris, Massachusetts USA
The Rt Revd Glenda Curry Alabama USA
The Rt Revd Gretchen Rehberg Spokane USA
The Rt Revd J Scott Barker Nebraska USA
The Rt Revd J Scott Mayer Northwest Texas USA
The Rt Revd Jacob W. Owensby Western Louisiana USA
The Rt Revd Jennifer A. Reddall Arizona USA
The Rt Revd Jennifer Baskerville-Burrow, Indianapolis USA
The Rt Revd John Harvey Taylor Los Angeles USA
The Rt Revd José McLoughlin Western North Carolina USA
The Rt Revd Kathryn M Ryan, Bishop Suffragan, Texas USA
The Rt Revd Kevin D. Nichols Bethlehem USA
The Rt Revd Kym Lucas Colorado USA
The Rt Revd Lucinda Ashby El Camino Real USA
The Rt Revd Mariann Edgar Budde, Episcopal Diocese of Washington USA

The Rt Revd Mark D. W. Edington, The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in
Europe (USA)
The Rt Revd Marty Stebbins Montana USA
The Rt Revd Mary D. Glasspool New York USA
The Rt Revd Megan McClure Traquair, Episcopal Diocese of Northern California USA
The Rt Revd Patrick Bell Eastern Oregon USA
The Rt Revd Phoebe Roaf West Tennessee USA

The Rt Revd Poulson Reed Oklahoma USA
The Rt Revd Prince Grenville Singh Ph.D. Episcopal Dioceses of Eastern and Western
Michigan, USA
The Rt Revd Rob Skirving East Carolina USA

The Rt Revd Ruth Woodliff-Stanley, Diocese of South Carolina USA
The Rt Revd Samuel Rodman North Carolina USA
The Rt Revd Sean Rowe Northwestern Pennsylvania & Western New York USA
The Rt Revd Susan B. Haynes Southern Virginia USA
The Rt Revd Susan Brown Snook, San Diego USA

The Rt Revd Thomas James Brown, Maine USA
The Rt Revd Cherry Vann Monmouth Wales
The Rt Revd Gregory Cameron St Asaph, Wales

About kiwianglo

Retired Anglican priest, living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Ardent supporter of LGBT Community, and blogger on 'Thinking Anglicans UK' site. Theology: liberal, Anglo-Catholic & traditional. regarding each person as a unique expression of Christ, and therefore lovable.
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3 Responses to Lambeth Bishops who affirm LGBTQI people

  1. Brian Ralph says:

    While good to see the 2 NZ/Aotearoa archbishops plus the bishop of Auckland of Auckland, why are there no other bishops from NZ. I especially have noted none from the wishy washy, sit on the fence bishop of Dunedin. His attitude is one reason why it is now 18 months since I lasted attended a church service here in Dunedin. I am sure the previous bishop of Dunedin would have signed,

    • kiwianglo says:

      I think, Brian, that you are right to question the intention of ACANZ Bishops – who have already approved of the use of S/S Mariage Blessings in our churches – deciding NOT to sign the affirmation of the LGBTQ Community. I am informed by our own Bishop Peter Carrell that he (probably in common with the others of our bishops who chose not to sign up to this document) made a conscientious decision on the basis of not signing any circulated documents external to the official documents of the Conference, which were issued by interested parties intended to garner support for a party-political view – in order to show an openness towards the dynamic process that might ensue from the gathered community. I can see their point.

      However. it did not mean they were not in favour of inclusion of LGBT+ people – if only because neither did they sign the opposition manifesto which supported the promulgation of LAMBETH 1:10. (In the end, you may not have noted; Lambeth 1:10 was not officially upheld by Lambeth 1:10! Good result!

      By the way Brian, I know you would be warmly welcomed at the Church of All Saints in the City of Dunedin. They are an Inclusive Church, in accordance with the radical inclusion of Christ in the gospel. Agape, Fr. Ron

    • kiwianglo says:

      Hi Brian. See my reply to you on the blog itself! The bishops did not want to sign anything that was not part of the official proceedings of the Conference. They did not sign the petition upholding the Lambeth 1:10 (homophobic) document either. Interestingly, this document from Lambeth 1988 did not get ratified at the Conference of Lambeth 2022 – a Result!

      Agape, Father Ron.

      On Thu, Aug 18, 2022 at 2:16 PM Kiwianglo’s Blog <> wrote:


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