‘Bishop’ Brian Tamaki defends ‘Inspired Moment’

Bishop Tamaki agrees his “inspired moment” will be seen as ridiculous by most


“It was not a prepared or planned message at all – but came at an ‘inspired moment’ before the sermon,” said Bishop Brian Tamaki on his latest blog.

“The earthquake that struck midnight Sunday (sic), the 13th of November 2016 was warned of that Sunday morning at 10:45am, during the Sunday morning church service of Destiny Church Auckland, NZ – that person was me!”

Tamaki said “No other sin in the whole of the bible has any connection to earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, but Sexual Perversions alone.”

He admitted “most men this would seem ridiculous and judgmental by God and US! But God is not judging us, nature is! The environment is suffering under mankind’s iniquities.”

He said many natural disasters have obvious connection to man’s blatant disregard to the environment. Some can be explained through human causes.

“But there are some disasters that are directly related to the (above) scriptures and previous explanation. It’s not going to get better, but worse!”

“The Diminishing of our Christian faith in modern society and the increasing aggressive reaction to Christ and His Church in social, political and family life has hastened the frequency of natural disasters around the globe!”

Tamaki said his Sunday morning talk was “not a church service not a political speech.” … it was God speaking.

Among many other things he advised those listening no to “sit here and ever think that it couldn’t happen for you and me.”

“The comes a day when the Father says listen, I’ve tried every love option. I’ve tried every-long suffering way of waiting for you and you’re still stamping your foot, and you’re still huffing and puffing.”

“Well the next time you stamp your foot there’s going to be an earthquake. The next time you put push out your chest and huff out there your house is going to come under some serious trouble.”

“The next time you throw your chest back and huff out of your mouth, os you think you are invincible you are going to face a horrible illness in your life.”


Self-proclaimed ‘Bishop’ Brian Tamaki, leader of New Zealand Pentecostal ‘Destiny Church’ admits that he preached a sermon attributing Canterbury (N.Z.) Earthequakes to the judgement of God – for the sins of the New Zealand people, including the New Zealand Government’s enactment of legislation to allow Same-Sex Marriage in this country.

Following his statement, he was interviewed on N.Z. Television, defending his theology of God’s Judgement on the New Zealand people. As a result, there has been an outcry through the media. My letter to our local ‘Christchurch Press’ was a direct response to the comments of another letter to the Press, challenging his defective theology:

Subject: Defective Theology
To: “Letters @ Press” <letters@press.co.nz>

Your highlighted Letter in today’s Press, from Darren Saunders, regarding Bishop Brian Tamaki’s pronouncement of the recent Canterbury Earthquakes being God’s punishment for ‘sin’ – especially the legalising of Same-Sex Marriage in N.Z. – raises a legitimate concern for this defective understanding of God’s relationship to our world.

Destiny Church and the Pentecostal Churches of the U.S. that have gathered around Donald Trump are impressed by his capacity to raise money – all in the name of what is now called the ‘Prosperity Gospel’. This mistaken understanding of pecuniary benefits accruing from conservative religious ‘theology’  is a sad reflection on the generosity of God in Creation to all, irrespective of their religious beliefs.
Mature Christians believe that ‘God so loved the world’ that God sent his Only-Begotten Son into the world to save all people from their tendency to selfishness (which happens to be a good description of what ‘sin’ is and does to others). The Christian Gospels dispel any misunderstanding that God is interested in trapping people into eternal punishment and death. Resurrection means life, not death!
Jesus was put to death by the Temple Authorities for his liberality towards known ‘Sinners’. This hardly equates to the thesis that Mr Tamaki has proposed on T.V.
A recent statement by an R.C. priest in Italy, that the seismic activity there  was God’s punishment for the enactment of S/S Marriage in that country, has been soundly rebutted by no less that Pope Francis and the Vatican Authorities.
Natural disasters, by common consent in our modern world, are just that. God set Creation free to ‘be itself’; in the same way that human beings are given free will. Part of that free-will is, of course, the capacity to  misjudge God;s intentions.
Father Ron Smith,
110 Hunter Terrace,
Christchurch 6022
(Phone 960-4100)

About kiwianglo

Retired Anglican priest, living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Ardent supporter of LGBT Community, and blogger on 'Thinking Anglicans UK' site. Theology: liberal, Anglo-Catholic & traditional. regarding each person as a unique expression of Christ, and therefore lovable.
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4 Responses to ‘Bishop’ Brian Tamaki defends ‘Inspired Moment’

  1. Murray Norman Smallbone says:

    God is not a tyrant, but sadly some Christians worship a false idol who is a tyrant.
    Nor is God a puppeteer of His Creation-Man and Creation both of which are free by God’s Will.

    It is only whackos who would have God and nature to be tyrants, usually to justify their own tyranny.

  2. Brian Ralph says:

    I was glad to see the Bishop of Dunedin writing in his blog and also being interviewed on Dunedin TV and declaring that such views are actually anti-Christian. But on National TV we see only politicians deriding such views. Where are the statements from our Archbishops? Similarly a few years ago some so called “Baptist” minister in Auckland declared that all gays should be shot. I saw an interview with an unknown (to me) vicar in Auckland but again no statement from church leaders. is it any wonder people look at us, as if we are mental, when we say we go regularly to church.

  3. kiwianglo says:

    Well, Brian, sadly there are still clergy in our Church who wax lyrcal asbout their anti-gay sympathies and I guess this causes some hesitation on the part of our Leaders to go public om the issue. The formation of FOCANZ – with members here in Christchurch – is a sign of the prevalence, still, of anti-Gay feelings that have yet to be dealt with! However, I’m still hoping for Forward Movement at G.S. 2018. Agape!

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