GAFCON – Maunderings from Cairo

Global South Conference, Cairo, Egypt

Oct 5, 2016

Communique from the 6th Global South Conference, Cairo 2016

[A brief summary on the GAFCON UK site says that this Communique “contains a clear reiteration of biblical doctrine on the mission of the Church in the world and sexual ethics, and strong warnings to the Church of England and other Western expressions of Anglicanism. New Steering Committee elected which contains Primates from both ‘Global South’ and ‘GAFCON’ groupings, demonstrating convergence of both movements, speaking with one voice and committed to working together to shape orthodox global Anglicanism now and for the future.” ]

Statement from the Global South Primates and GAFCON Primates Concerning Same Sex Unions


Photos from Canon Andrew Gross, ACNA


The challenge of mission: presentation by Archbishops from Singapore and Nigeria: challenge-of-mission-gs (PDF)

Archbishop Mouneer’s opening address

Lecture: The Legacy of Ancient African Christianity by Michael Glerup, Ph.D.

Carthage Questions, Carthage Answers! by The Rt Revd Bill Musk

Message of Papal Nuncio to Global South Anglican Conference


Global South Anglicans Learn How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind

Greetings from England, led by the Bishop of Durham, and Australia

Greetings from ACNA, Communion Partners, and Toronto to Global South

Mission to the world is broader than ‘world evangelisation’ – Bishop of Singapore

“My prayer that GAFCON and Global South…unite in a global vision” – Lawrence

Archbishops nail corruption in Africa, and false trails to bring church unity, Chris Sugden, Anglican Mainstream

Beware of ideological slavery, warns Egypt Archbishop by Andrew Carey, Global Christian News

The cost and nature of discipleship – Global South Day 3

We carry on dialogue with the Communion to encourage Anglican conservatives – Coptic Orthodox Pope

Lessons from the Church in North Africa for today – Global South Day 2

A history of the Global South by Chris Sugden

CAIRO: Egyptian Anglican Archbishop Says Anglican Communion must stay Faithful despite False Teachings by David Virtue, VOL

GGlobal South, GAFCON and the Pope  by Chris Sugden

Global South Conference opens in Cairo (photos)


CAIRO: A Tale of Two Anglican Conferences by David Virtue, VOL


Loth as I normally am to publicise the plotting of GAFCON in its takeover bid to represent the soul of worldwide Anglicanism, I felt duty-bound to bring into the daylight things which might otherwise be hidden in the dark.

This article appears on the website of the oxymoronically-titled ‘Anglican Mainstream’ which does, indeed, represent a certain movement (maybe of a ‘Slipstream’ rather than mainstream) – not within Traditional Anglicanism but rather, against it. This conservative evangelical quasi-Anglican organisation has so readily allied itself to the Global South Anglican Provinces of the GAFCON (mostly African but with links to the Sydney Australian Diocese) as to make one wonder at its actual claim to represent any other than those Provinces with which it has so closely aligned itself.

What worries me is that, in Aotearoa/New Zealand & Polynesia, we now have another quasi-Anglican entity calling itself FoCANZ (the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans here in New Zealand. This local organisation has set itself up as the local branch of FoCA, which exists in England and the Sydney ‘Anglican’ Diocese. This new entity, headed by stipendiary clergy of the Christchurch diocese and supported in the main from the Nelson diocese; is seeking permission from our ACANZP General Synod to set up a parallel Anglican diocesan jurisdiction, in ACANZP, in order to pursue its own sola-Scriptura, homophobic agenda – in common with the GAFCON Provinces, based on its ‘Jerusalem Statement’ of Faith and their own Primates’ Conference – in direct opposition to the ‘Lambeth Quadrilateral’ and the Lambeth Bishops Conference – supported by non-Gafcon Bishops.

The Conference here described is an amalgam of both Gafcon and non-Gafcon Provinces of the ‘Global South’ geographical area of the Anglican Communion. These Provinces together are generally resistant to – for instance – any accommodation to LGBTI persons being ordained as clergy or bishops in their Churches. They are assisted in their cultural distaste for Same-Sex Blessings by those conservatives in the Western Provinces (FoCA) who have rejected any movement towards the radical inclusion of ‘Gays’ in ministry, on the basis of their belief that the biblical injunctions against Same-Sex relationships (mostly in the O.T. but also in a few versse from Saint Paul’s Epistles) should be maintained – despite evidence and experience in today’s world that cry out for a more compassionate understanding of the total thrust of the New Testament Scriptures.

Father Ron Smith, Christchurch, New Zealand

About kiwianglo

Retired Anglican priest, living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Ardent supporter of LGBT Community, and blogger on 'Thinking Anglicans UK' site. Theology: liberal, Anglo-Catholic & traditional. regarding each person as a unique expression of Christ, and therefore lovable.
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6 Responses to GAFCON – Maunderings from Cairo

  1. Glen Young says:

    Hi Ron, Fr.Alexander Luice-Smith states that the real issue between Rome and the Anglican Communion is the attitude towards Scripture by the later. Exactly, the issue that I have constantly made.

  2. kiwianglo says:

    Perhaps then, Glen; Gafcon, FoCA & FoCANZ might find they have more in common with the Pope than with Canterbury Anglicans. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

  3. Andrew Reid says:

    Dear Fr Ron,
    I think you’re being a bit unfair to describe the conference proceedings as being “hidden in the dark”. They published a daily description of their deliberations, a general communique and a statement on the matter of same sex unions. I would also point out that the Global South movement was founded in 1994, many years before GAFCON was founded. Rather than dismissing them, I would hope that the Western members of the Anglican Communion would listen respectfully to their voice, which represents Anglicans from Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East.
    Best wishes,
    Andrew Reid

  4. kiwianglo says:

    Andrew, it is possible I have been ‘a bit unfair’ on this issue, to describe it as mainly kept in the dark – but mainly because not many faithful Anglicans would ever get access to the reports – offered by ‘Anglican Mainstream and David Virtue, both of which sources only gain audience from their own ‘faithful’, who are opposed to the ABC and all non-Gafcon Churches of our Communion..

    Regarding the seeming ‘orthodoxy’ of the G.S. (now almost synonymous with GAFCON); I see their remarks: funnelled partly through Bp. Mouneer Anis, but also by ‘overseas interests’ from Gafcon allies, like Mr. David Virtue and various ACNA, FOCA and AMIE associates to be profoundly disloyal to the Lambeth Conference and the ACC; whose leadership they are now challenging.

  5. Brian Ralph says:

    Hi Ron
    I did not take much notice of your links, I would have more interest in the ravings of Donald Trump (ie less than zilch) than this group. However I was intrigued by the link on Thinking Anglicans referring to the Bishop of Durham and Australia.
    I note they said Bishop of Durham not England so why Bishop of Australia. The last bishop of Australia was in 1847. Glenn Davies is not even Primate of Australia. An Archbishop of Sydney has not been Primate since 1982 and thankfully unlikely to be chosen in the foreseeable future. I doubt many of the bishops outside of Sydney would be overjoyed at his expressing greetings from Australia. It is the usual lies and obfuscations that issue from the Diocese of Sydney. Glenn Davies is developing to be as hateful as his predecessor Jensen. He has recently refused to renew the licence of a priest in the Sydney diocese who published comments in favour of same-sex marriage. Of course this has been picked up by the secular press bringing yet further contempt from the public.

  6. kiwianglo says:

    I agree, Brian. the carelessness with which this item was reported shows a lack of understandfing of the Anglican Church in Australia. However, no doubt ++Brian Davies would have chuckled at being described as ‘The Bishop of Australia’. In a way that suits the chutzpah of the Sydney Archdiocese and its leadership that ‘thinks more highly of itself than it ought’ – and is encouraged by those in the Communion who echo Sydney’s fundamentalist character.

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