First Anglican Priest in Equal Marriage Ceremony in England

Gay priest defies Church of England ban on same-sex marriage as senior vicar warns of ‘crisis’

Hospital chaplain Canon Jeremy Pemberton, 58, becomes the first Church of England priest to marry person of same sex

The pair would have been unable to marry in an Anglican church as the Church of England refused to support the Government’s legalisation of gay marriage last month. As well as banning clergy from marrying a person of the same sex, priests are not allowed to direct same-sex marriages.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby last week claimed that if the Church of England accepted gay marriage,Christians in countries where homosexuality is illegal would be killed.

Following the change of law, The House of Bishops’ guidance on same-sex marriage, signed by Archbishop Welby and the Archbishop of York John Sentamu, said: “We are all in agreement that the Christian understanding and doctrine of marriage as a lifelong union between one man and one woman remains unchanged.”

“That’s what I want. It is the same as anyone who wants to get married.”

Following the wedding, Canon Pemberton took to Twitter to express his delight, describing the ceremony as “very moving and very happy”. He said that being the first was “accidental”, adding that “we just wanted to get married”.

The couple have received floods of well wishes on social media, including from some corners of the Church, including LGBT activist Rev Stephen Sorby, who said: “Congratulations lovely. Every blessing. We stand with you”, and the vicar of Sedbergh in Cumbria, Drew Mac, who wrote: “Congratulations and best wishes – and may God bless you too!”

Support also came from Rev Colin Coward, director of the Changing Attitude campaign group and Dr Giles Fraser, the former canon chancellor of St Paul’s.

But Rev Rod Thomas, chairman of the conservative Reform group and member of the General Synod, told The Telegraph that Canon Pemberton should be reprimanded, warning that inaction could trigger “crisis” in the Church of England.

He said: “If there is not clear discipline then it is the equivalent to saying ‘we really didn’t mean what we said.’ It will precipitate a crisis.”

The Bishop of Lincoln, the Right Reverend Christopher Lowson, said he spoke to Canon Pemberton, who is a chaplain of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, after he informed him that he would be getting married, but did not say if he would now be taking disciplinary action.

He said:  “I am aware that a member of the clergy who works in the Diocese of Lincoln has married a partner of the same sex.

“The priest concerned wrote to me in advance to explain his intention and we had a subsequent meeting in which I explained the guidelines of the House of Bishops.”


This article from the pages of the ‘Independent’ newspaper in the U.K. gives the story of the first Marriage of a same-sex couple involving a clergy-person of the Church of England.

Despite the opposition of the Church of England’s Bishops to any of its clergy taking advantage of the newly created law which allows same-sex couples to marry; it could have been predicted that there would be some clergy who would take up their civil rights to marry – despite the very real threat of disciplinary action from their local bishop.

In the case of Canon Jeremy Pemberton, who is a priest resident in the Diocese of Lincoln, but employed by the N.H.S. as a Hospital Chaplain; the Bishop of Lincoln – once he had been made aware of imminent plans for the wedding – advised Canon Pemberton of the guidelines issued by the House of Bishops of the C.of E., without, however, issuing any outright ban for the marriage, which is now legal for same-sex couples in England and Wales. What discipline, if any, will be meted out to Canon Pemberton is yet to be decided.

There can be no doubt that this first marriage under the new law, of a clergy-person of the Church of England, will be keenly followed by both the media and the membership of the Church of England. Any statement on behalf of the Church of England hierarchy that seeks punishment of Canon Pemberton will be resisted by those in the Church who believe that clergy should have the same rights as the laity to be married under the new law.

Father Ron Smith, Christchurch, New Zealand


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Retired Anglican priest, living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Ardent supporter of LGBT Community, and blogger on 'Thinking Anglicans UK' site. Theology: liberal, Anglo-Catholic & traditional. regarding each person as a unique expression of Christ, and therefore lovable.
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1 Response to First Anglican Priest in Equal Marriage Ceremony in England

  1. murraysmallbone says:

    Congratulations to Canon Pemberton and his new husband.The first of many, one dares say!
    On first reports the Bishop of Lincoln does not seem to be reacting violently.We await the waving of twisted knickers by perhaps other members of the English hierarchy. Some will be secretly smiling in admiration
    The initial reaction from Reform Group is to be expected.Such sodalities being misery merchants into crime and punishment.
    May Our Lord bless Canon Pemberton in his marriage, and Our Lady pray for him in his important work as a hospital chaplain.

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