BBC : Church of England Urged to Offer Same-Sex Blessings

Church of England urged to offer same-sex blessings

Two men kiss on the day of their civil partnership ceremony
The report does not recommend marriage ceremonies for gay couples

Members of the clergy should be allowed to offer blessings to same-sex couples, a report commissioned by the Church of England has recommended.

The report, produced by four bishops and chaired by former civil servant Sir Joseph Pilling, does not propose offering a “formal liturgy”.

But it says priests should be “free” to give gay couples a “public service”.

The Church pointed out the report is for discussion and is “not a new policy statement from the Church of England”.

The report says the Church must find “ways of honouring” gay Christians who “conscious of the Church’s teaching, have embraced a chaste and single lifestyle, and also those who in good conscience have entered partnerships with a firm intention of life-long fidelity”.

‘Deeply entrenched views’

It says clergy should, with the agreement of their local church council, “be free to mark the formation of a permanent same-sex relationship in a public service but should be under no obligation to do so”.

“Some of us do not believe that this can be extended to same-sex marriage,” it adds.

The report suggests a consultation should be carried out “without undue haste but with a sense of urgency, perhaps over a period of two years”.

It recognises there are “deeply entrenched views” on sexuality within the Church of England which “would best be addressed by facilitated conversations”.

Its recommendations include:

  • No-one should be accused of homophobia solely for articulating traditional Christian teaching on same-sex relationships
  • The Church should continue to pay close attention to the continuing, and as yet inconclusive, scientific work on same-sex attraction
  • The whole Church is called to real repentance for the lack of welcome and acceptance extended to homosexual people in the past, and to demonstrate the unconditional acceptance and love of God in Christ for all people

The bishops of Gloucester, Birkenhead, Fulham and Warwick worked on the report, but the Bishop of Birkenhead refused to sign the completed document.

In a “dissenting statement” included in the report, he said he supported many of its recommendations and the others involved had “gone out of their way to listen to my views”.

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image of Robert Pigott
Robert PigottReligious affairs correspondent, BBC News

The report by Joseph Pilling – although it contains only recommendations for Anglican bishops to consider – is likely to spark fierce controversy in the Church.

There is no recommendation for a change in current Church teaching on homosexuality – that ideally gay couples should remain celibate – but it does acknowledge that the Church has come under growing and significant pressure to offer some sort of supportive service for such couples.

Clergy would be allowed to provide services in church – with the agreement of their church council – to bless the relationships of gay couples.

The report warns that an official church liturgy, or form of service, could be seen as changing what Anglicans believe about homosexuality.

However it does suggest that change in Church teaching could follow discussion and conversation among Anglicans, which it says should take place over the next two years.

The group also warns clergy entering civil partnerships that they will continue to be expected to abide by church teaching against active homosexuality, but calls for an end to questioning them about their sexual practices.

But he said he was “not persuaded that the biblical witness on same sex sexual behaviour is unclear”.

“I believe the trajectory in the report will undermine the discipleship and pastoral care of many faithful Christians and, by leading the Church into the kind of cultural captivity which much of the prophetic writings warn against, weaken our commitment to God’s mission,” he added.

The report was commissioned by the Church of England’s House of Bishops, which is made up of 52 bishops and is one of the three houses of the General Synod.

‘Immoral behaviour’

The Church Society, which exists to “promote a biblical faith”, said it welcomed the report because it provided an opportunity for open discussion by the whole Church.

Its director Lee Gatiss said the group would rather “discuss the good news of Jesus Christ”, but felt “constrained to respond to the teaching of those who are changing the gospel into an affirmation of immoral behaviour”.

Inclusive Church, which wants the Church to be “welcoming and open to all”, said the report was a “a reflection of careful listening to many voices in church and state”.

The Very Reverend Dianna Gwilliams, Dean of Guildford Cathedral and chair of Inclusive Church, said: “We also look forward to the House of Bishops response and the guidance which will be issued to churches.

“We hope that this will enable all Christians to find ways of celebrating the covenantal love between people which reflects the love of God for all people.”

‘Legal lock’

A law permitting same-sex marriage in England and Wales received Royal Assent in July and the first marriages are expected next year.

Religious groups can “opt in” to offer gay marriages, but the Church of England and the Church in Wales are banned from doing so.

Both churches stated their opposition to carrying out same-sex marriages, and Culture Secretary Maria Miller said the ban was used as part of a “legal lock” to prevent them from being “forced” to do so.

Earlier this month legislation to introduce same-sex marriage in Scotland was backed in principle by the Scottish Parliament, though the Church of Scotland and Catholic Church remain opposed to it.

The Northern Ireland Assembly is not currently considering any legislation to allow same-sex marriage..


This information, obtained by the BBC, on the outcome of the C.of E.-sponsored ‘Pilling Report’ on Homosexuality, offers a way through for the Church of England to deal with the demand for official recognition of monogamous, life-long relationships in some form of Same-Sex Blessing for couples in a faithful partnership. This would allow for a couple, for instance, who had already entered into a Civil Partnership to receive the Blessing of the Church. In the face of demands for Same-Sex Marriage, the Report commends what would seem to be a creditable alternative, according to the following guidelines”:

“The report, produced by four bishops and chaired by former civil servant Sir Joseph Pilling, does not propose offering a “formal liturgy”. But it says priests should be “free” to give gay couples a “public service”.

The Report clearly states that it does not signal any alteration to the current doctrines of the Church, but it does offer the possibility of the Church to recognise faithful Same Sex Partnerships – without altering the Church’s official stance on its insistence on Marriage as being for heterosexual couples only.

One could ponder the fact that, if the Church had been more proactive in this area of offering a Blessing service for Same-Sex Couples, the later demand for Same-Sex Marriage may never have arisen. However, in the circumstances, it would seem that the Church of England could now make good its  seeming lack of compassion towards Same-Sex Couples by taking the advice of the Pilling Commission – perhaps with an officially authorised form, or forms, of service for the occasion.

Thanks are due to the Commission for its work on behalf of the Church on this important matter of what is seen as social justice to a sadly beleaguered minority in the Church

Fathert Ron Smith, Christchurch, New Zealand

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Retired Anglican priest, living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Ardent supporter of LGBT Community, and blogger on 'Thinking Anglicans UK' site. Theology: liberal, Anglo-Catholic & traditional. regarding each person as a unique expression of Christ, and therefore lovable.
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2 Responses to BBC : Church of England Urged to Offer Same-Sex Blessings

  1. A report in the right direction, but oh dear how ponderously the Church of England hobbles!!!
    When already they have a mandate for Love direct from Our Lord.
    There are a few points in the report which I find irksome and are indicative of the uninformed thinking process which is usually always in play viz “Scientific evidence”-that is a blind alley.As I always understood it Love is a God given grace.I do not read Scripture as a science text book,so why should we seek answers in “scientific evidence” on matters which pertain to the transcendental.
    The other irksome detail in the report is the cliched verbage “chaste and single lifestyle”
    The Church of Rome continues to trot this one out also.As I see it Celibacy is a very particular vocation, it is an illogical corollary that because a person finds their sexual identity in same-sex attraction that then one should seek to be celibate.Surely sexual expression is a God given gift which does not mean a licence for promiscuous behaviour.Promiscuity in itself is evidence of a yearning to express,so if we return to the Prayer Book preambles in The Solemnisation of Matrimony-“”avoid fornication”” and “”mutual societe,helpe and comfort””, The Church of England by its own liturgy ought to have consented to same-sex marriage years ago(Lex orandi Lex credendi)
    The phrase about the Church facilitating a “Public Service” in the report is also irksome.At the Parish level,I remain under the impression that a P.P.once inducted into the Cure of Souls is committed to offer Christ in Word and Sacrament to all who so seek.There is going eventually to be a challenge to the “lock system” instituted by the British Parliament, as in essence it outlaws one of the Church’s sacraments if you happen to be seeking same sex marriage in your parish Church
    Finally I shall be very blunt,whilst the Report does encourage,it also portrays what one can only call a pathological fear of sodomy,though not succinctly articulated in the Report,this I believe is the elephant in the room which nobody dare acknowledge(Psychosis of Denial).This is further evidence of an uninformed thinking process.Different persons use differing sexual expressions;it is not a monochrome state of reality.but conveniently used when pontificating on those naughty gays,almost tongue in cheek “We know what they do and we abhor it”, so we will throw a blanket over it using the theology, language and uninformed thinking more befitting of the modern atheists who think Christians still use a pre _Enlightenment view of God.
    Perhaps a report on Sexuality might have been a better move, because let us face reality ;the Church fears the subject,loss of power, perhaps??
    Murray Smallbone.
    Yours in Christ and Mary

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