Anglican Bishop in Nigeria Draws Attention to Local Problems

Anarchy is imminent, Anglican Church warns Nigerians

 November 10, 2013 18 Comments »

Anarchy is imminent, Anglican Church warns Nigerians


Bishop of Enugu North Diocese, Anglican Communion, Rt Rev Sosthenes Eze has warned that Nigeria may be thrown into anarchy leading to disintegration if nothing is done now  to stem the many crises the country is facing.

Bishop Eze who gave this warning yesterday during the first session of the Second Synod of the Diocese which held at St. Luke’sAnglican Church, Okpatu, Enugu North decried the awkward state of the nation.

He said that unless Christians and indeed all Nigerians turn to seek the face of God, the nation would surely slide into anarchy that would tear it apart.

He noted that the country has witnessed heavy tribulations in its history as a nation in the past one year, saying that ‘’there is increased violence, kidnapping, terrorism, heavy stealing and looting of the treasury by virtually everybody in position of authority.

‘’There is increase in political crises and power tussle, the level of greed and covetousness is high that even the church is enmeshed in it. We do not have conscience anymore, we need God’s heavy visitation to awaken us to repentance,’’ the bishop said.

He stated further that ‘’due to the entrenchment of corruption and bribery in our system, nobody is concerned about the performance of our airlines, trains, vehicles, institutions, hospitals, manufacturing industries and their products. Most drugs are fake and as a result, there is increased accidents, air crashes, train crashes, failures of human internal organs and death.”

The bishop also observed that the government alone should not be blamed for the problems of the country, insisting that everybody must take full responsibility for the failures of the entire system.

“It is redeemable if we are willing. It will involve everybody, beginning from all of us in the church and we leaders. We should not blame those in authority alone because most of us in government are in the church. God is not a magician who will operate without human instruments,’’ he said.

He reasoned that it was only when all had turned to God beginning from the church to the entire nation, ‘’that God will come for our rescue.”

He insisted that there must be justice, fairness and equity to avert all the crises facing the country.


This warning, by Nigerian Anglican Bishop Sosthenes Eze, of imminent collapse of Nigerian Law and Order, follows on the GAFCON Conference, where the gathered prelates of many African countries (including the largest delegation of Bishops from Nigeria) took great pains to point out the problems existing in the Western World.

In the van of this conference, here we have a very brave African Bishop – of Enugu – high-lighting the problems of graft and corruption in his own country – not only in government but also in the Church. This honest appraisal of moral problems in their own territories must begin to exercise the hearts and minds of the Gafcon leadership to the realisation that not all problems of morality lie in the area of gender and sexuality – matters on which they have chosen to set themselves apart from Anglican Provinces of the West.

What this situation points to is the fact that we are all sinners – even in the Church – and we must all look to the sins that are committed in our own provincial Churches, before electing to point to the sins of others. What needs to be done in those African countries of the Gafcon – where corruption has now been legitimately criticised from within – is to concentrate on their own specific area of mission, leaving the rest of us to concentrate on ours. Gender and sexuality are areas of human life that are vitally important for the life of all human beings. But then, so are matters of graft and corruption.

Father Ron Smith, Christchurch, New Zealand


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