Petition to G.S. of Women-Against Women bishops in the C.of E.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

“Proper Provision” and women bishops

The group Proper Provision has written to members of General Synod urging them not to vote for an adjournment of the women bishops debate next Monday. The letter can be read on the Anglican Mainstream website, and is copied below.

Time to put this Measure to the test – from Proper Provision

Dear Member of General Synod,

We are writing to you on behalf of the thousands of loyal Anglican women who believe that men and women are inherently equal, and that our families and churches prosper when men take responsibility to provide godly oversight and headship. You may have heard about the petition we took to the House of Bishops asking them to amend the Measure.

We would urge you not to seek an adjournment for three reasons:

1) The House of Bishops have listened:

  • To the laity and clergy in the Dioceses, of whom 23% rejected the unamended Measure and 3% abstained.
  • To General Synod:
    • who in February voted to ask the House of Bishops to make amendments as long as they were insubstantial. The Group of Six has ruled that they are insubstantial.
    • and who historically have never given two-thirds majority support to an amendment or motion on this topic unless it specifically moved towards proper provision.

The House of Bishops have listened to the concerns of this substantial minority and simply sought in their amendments to clarify two points in order that it would make it easier for these people to give their consent to this innovation, the heart of which goes against their conscience.

2) The amendments have revealed how unwilling to compromise some proponents of women bishops can be.

WATCH have suggested that both sacramental assurance and headship are “non-gospel theologies” which “indirectly contribute to domestic and sexual abuse and violence against women”.

A Statement of our Concerns 11/06/12 p5

WATCH have also criticised the House of Bishops for attempting to “provide a permanent, guaranteed doctrinal space” for those who seek male clergy and bishops.

A Statement of our Concerns 11/06/12 p6

The suggestion that we are not fellow-Christians and that the women in our congregations are unsafe is personally hurtful. Doctrinally, it makes a mockery of the 1998 Lambeth statement, affirmed by General Synod in July 2006, which recognized that both those in favour of women bishops and those opposed were loyal Anglicans.

The House of Bishops deemed the amendments necessary to provide proper provision for all loyal Anglicans. The adjournment motion is simply an attempt to remove even that (inadequate) provision in favour of arrangements that are anticipated to be purely temporary and which will immediately be wholly insecure.

3) An adjournment will be expensive and may achieve very little.

In November 2010 it was estimated that a four-day Synod in London cost approximately £400,000 (including the lost revenue from Church House). While recognizing that our meeting may be shorter, we are not convinced that this would be money well spent.

If the Measure returns in its present form then nothing will have changed; we will have simply delayed the day when supporters of a female episcopate finally have to decide whether their priority is the Bishop’s attempt at church unity or their own particular understanding of equality.

If the Measure returns without the amendments then, unless it is defeated, we will have confirmed that there is no secure place in the Church of England for those who until now have been considered loyal orthodox Anglicans.

It has been the constant desire of the majority of General Synod both to consecrate women as bishops and to provide for those who seek male clergy and bishops. Let’s use the time we have in July to try and convince one another that this Measure could work and if we can’t do that, then so be it.

Surely the time has come to put this Measure to the test and move on.

Lorna Ashworth GS 287
Jane Bisson GS 428
Mary Durlacher GS 272
Sarah Finch GS 344
Susie Leafe GS 416
Andrea Minichiello Williams GS 293
Jane Patterson GS 403
Kathy Playle GS 275
Alison Ruoff GS 350
Ruth Whitworth GS 277
Alison Wynne GS257

The petition referred to at the beginning of the letter can be found at the end of this article on the Reform website: Media Statement: Proper Provision Petition 2012: 2,200 Anglican women say.

Posted by Peter Owen (‘Thinking Anglicans’) on Wednesday, 4 July 2012


This latest attempt, by a minority of Women Members of General Synod who are against the Ordination of Women as Bishops in the Church of England, to forestall the intentions of the Pro-Women Bishops lobby in General Synod who are wanting to move  for an adjournment of G.S. to re-consider the Women bishops Measure; appears under a new name: ‘Proper Provision’.

These are a minority of Women in General Synod – who are backed by the conservative evangelical  ‘Reform’ movement in the Church, who are not in favour of Women having any leading role in the Church; and also by the so-called ‘Anglican Mainstream’, (who are anything but part of the real mainstream in the Church of England that actually wants Women to be ‘real’ Bishops in the Church, with the same jurisdiction as their Male counterparts). 

This ‘last minute’ desperate attempt by these Women-against-Women-bishops to prevent the threat of pro-active adjournment of the Amended Women Bishops Measure – by those in the Church who are in favour of the original Draft Measure, rather than the Amended Measure – is almost a parody of the ‘last-minute’ nature of the Amendments themselves.

It will be very interesting to see how this petition by a minority of women who do not favour unfettered jurisdiction by Women Bishops in the Church affects the actual decisions made by the General Synod Members this weekend, at the York Meeting.

At issue, with the Amended Draft Measure, is whether, or not, the General Synod will accept House of Bishops’  Amendments to the original Draft Measure, which would allow parishes refusing to accept the episcopal role of a Woman Diocesan Bishop to choose a Male Bishop who is of the same mind as themselves, in his refusal to accept Women as Bishops in the Church.

To accept the Amended Draft Measure would enshrine an ethos of First and Second-Class Bishops: – the First-Class Bishops would be Male and resistant to the idea of Women bishops; the Second Class Bishops would be Female, or Males who accept Women as fellow Bishops.

This could be a disaster for the Church of England, and for its continuing partnership with other Provinces of the Communion where Women are Bishops.

Father Ron Smith, Christchurch, New Zealand

About kiwianglo

Retired Anglican priest, living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Ardent supporter of LGBT Community, and blogger on 'Thinking Anglicans UK' site. Theology: liberal, Anglo-Catholic & traditional. regarding each person as a unique expression of Christ, and therefore lovable.
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3 Responses to Petition to G.S. of Women-Against Women bishops in the C.of E.

  1. Pauline Cowling says:

    God was not prejudice…… it is time for everyone to be equal

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