HOMOPHOBIA – alive and well in the A.C.of Ghana

Ghana: Anglican support for homophobia

There are disturbing reports of Christian, and in particular of Anglican, support for attacks on homosexual people in Ghana.

Independent Alex Duval Smith Ghana official calls for effort to ‘round up’ suspected gays

In a new burst of African homophobia, a government minister in Ghana has drawn support after calling on the country’s intelligence services to track down and arrest all gays and lesbians.

The call from Paul Evans Aidoo, the minister for the Western Region of Ghana, marks the latest in a series of expressions of officially condoned homophobia across the continent, which has previously been seen in Malawi, Uganda and South Africa…

BBC Paul Evans Aidoo’s Ghana gay spy call ‘promotes hatred’

A Ghanaian minister is “promoting hatred” by urging people to report those they suspect to be homosexual, a human rights group has told the BBC…

Africa Review Homosexuality: Ghana churches caution politicians

Ghanaian politicians who may want to push the idea of human rights to include open support for homosexuals will think twice after the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) took a strong stand on the issue.

The latter have and called on the faithful to “vote out lawmakers who show support for homosexuals”.

The CCG’s position stems from fears that international human rights groups want to lobby Parliament to pass a law that would legalise homosexuality in the country.


The Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church in Ghana, the Right Rev. Mathias Medadues-Badohu, says the Church in Ghana would intensify its teaching on the ills of homosexuality and would use its clinics to help those who want to get “out of it”.

ghana mma Christian Leaders Warn Politicians Over Gays

…Rt. Rev. Matthias Modedues-Badohu, Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church and Bishop of Ho, said, “We speak against acts that go against the word of God. It is abnormal and not good. Our objective is to condemn it so that people will not get involved.”

The Anglican Communion Office recently held a Continuing Indaba Hub Meeting in Ghana, see this ACNS report, “The Anglican Communion is one family” Ghanaian bishop tells theologians.

Posted by Simon Sarmiento on Saturday, 23 July 2011
Simon Sarmiento, of ‘Thinking Anglicans U.K.’, brings us further reports of endemic homophobia in the Anglican Churches in Africa – this time from Ghana, where the Presiding Bishop has stated that:
“The Church in Ghana would intensify its teaching on the ills of homosexuality and would use its clinics to help those who want to get “out of it”.
This out-dated teaching on the inadmissability of the minority homoseuxal phenomenon as being amenable to some sort of clinical/spiritual ‘reversion therapy’ is at the pernicious root of those in the Church today who really believe that the state of being homosexual in, by nature, sinful, and therefore needing ‘healing’, can only exacerbate the division in the Anglican Communion on the question of admitting intrinsic homosexual Christians into the life and ministry of the Church. No wonder the ABC has difficulty in keeping the Communion together.
Father Ron Smith, presently in the U.K. 

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Retired Anglican priest, living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Ardent supporter of LGBT Community, and blogger on 'Thinking Anglicans UK' site. Theology: liberal, Anglo-Catholic & traditional. regarding each person as a unique expression of Christ, and therefore lovable.
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