Episcopalian comments on Ugandan Gay Murder

Regarding Changing Attitude Ireland’s, “Call to Confront Homophobia at Anglican Primates’ Meeting”, how tragically timely is their call. We received word today that David Kato, a leader of Sexual Minorities Uganda and an internationally recognized human rights leader was bludgeoned to death with a hammer by an unknown assailant. The local police are saying it must have been a robbery and are rushing to arrest and get a confession from some hapless person. David’s photo had been displayed in the Ugandan tabloid which “outed” LGBT persons in Uganda with the accompanying tag, “Hang Them!” One can only imagine the fear of the others depicted there.

The Anglican Communion is being torn asunder by bishops and Primates who believe that opposition to the human rights of LGBT persons the recognition of the divine image within them and their families is the godly thing to do. They recognize no responsibility on their part for acting to stop the wave of “Christian” hatred directed against the LGBT community.

For more than a year, I, and many others on this blog and in Church councils have been calling on the GAFCON Primates, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates of the Communion to defend the human dignity of LGBT persons. Their response has ranged from deafening silence, to “biblicly based” ridicule, to weak words that promise nothing.

What will the Primates say and do in response to the Call of Changing Attitude Ireland, now in the light of David’s murder? What will the Archbishop of Canterbury say and do? What will the GAFCON Primates say and do? Because we called on them for more than a year and it is rather late for them to rush to the sink and try to scrub the blood off their hands.

If they have nothing to say and do about the hatred against LGBT persons being formented by so-called “Christians ” around the world, then who cares what they have to say about anything else?

May God have mercy on the soul of David Kato. May the angels lead him into Paradise. May God’s holy angels rise to protect other LGBT persons in the world, most of whom go to bed tonight in fear.

May God have mercy on all our souls.

Posted by: karen macqueen+ on Friday, 28 January 2011


This timely response to an article on ‘Thinking Anglicans’ by TEC member Karen McQueen in the U.S., points out the tragic reality of Uganda’s anti-homosexuality culture – aided and abetted by the Anglican Church of Uganda (whose Primate is intentionally absent from the current Primate’s Meeting in Dublin because of TEC’s pro-gay stance within the Communion) – at the very time when those of the Primates who can be bothered to attend the Meeting, will be discussing the whole problem of  how the Anglican Communion Churches ought to be coping with the important issues of gender and sexuality within the Church.

The untimely death of David Kato, a pro-gay activist in Uganda – a very dangerous situation and location to be in at this time – who successfully sued the libellous and antigay Ugandan Journal ‘Rolling Stone’ for their campaign to vilify David and all other homosexuals in Uganda, was brutally murdered in a blood-lust cultic killing of Gays in that country.

++Uganda, along with certain other Primates of GAFCON, mainly from the African sub-continent, who have absented themselves from Dublin, have a lot to answer for in their pro-active disrespecting of Gay Rights in Africa. Whether they like it or not, all members of the United Nations have certain obligations to abide by the human rights of the LBGT communities in their own territory. But that the Church should preach and teach that gays are less than Christian, because of their God-given sexual-orientation is no less than blasphemous.

Let’s hope that the Primates who actually WANT to accept gender and sexual-orientation diversity within the Communion at Dublin, will take note of this martyr-like assassination of  David Kato. May his death not have been in vain, and may the Primates publicly dissociate themselves from this sort of hatred of the LGBT Community – in Africa and other places where it is still endemic in public and supported by local Church teaching.

+May the soul of David Kato Rest in Peace and Rise one day with Christ in Glory. Amen  

Father Ron smith, Christchurch, ACANZP

About kiwianglo

Retired Anglican priest, living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Ardent supporter of LGBT Community, and blogger on 'Thinking Anglicans UK' site. Theology: liberal, Anglo-Catholic & traditional. regarding each person as a unique expression of Christ, and therefore lovable.
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